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about us

Safe Night Out Airlie Beach CBD Precinct Inc. was incorporated in December 2014 from the Liquor Accord group. The core objectives of the association is to apply for funding and implement initiatives that will contribute to a great and safe night out in Airlie Beach.

The Objects of the association in accordance with the model rules are:

(a) to promote the responsible service and consumption of alcohol and minimise the risk of alcohol and drug-related harm and associated violence in the precinct, including, for example, by -


(i)  developing and implementing local initiatives; or

(ii) making recommendations to the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming about relevant actions that the Commissioner may take under the Liquor Act 1992; and


(b) to raise funds to deliver relevant initiatives in the precinct; and


(c) to plan for, and manage, the precinct in a way that addresses the safety of the community and the precinct's amenity; and


(d) to liaise with, and support, community organisations providing rest and recovery services in the precinct to people who have consumed alcohol or used drugs